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How Precious Little Wines are made...

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Small Batch Winemaking

Small batch winemaking is exactly as it sounds, a small batch of wine made from a small parcel of grapes. Perhaps a more pertinent question is what separates small batch winemaking from wine produced on a larger or commercial scale? The answer is pretty simple in that with small batch winemaking you have in the words of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas ‘nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide’ if it doesn’t work. Suffice to say if you stuff up it stands out like the veritable dogs’ bollocks and there’s no blending it out to hide it away!

Commercial wines...

Commercial wine is generally made in such a manner that winemakers endeavour to create the same style of wine from vintage to vintage. This is generally achieved by employing a range of vinification techniques and using a variety of batches of wine to give options that when blended together achieve a wine consistent and similar to that which precedes it. The loyal punter knows and gets what they expect from their trusted brand from year to year, and that is fine if you are someone who likes consistency.

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A comparison...

Small batch winemaking on the other hand, sometimes referred to as artisan winemaking, is quite different. There is less emphasis on consistency and more focus on highlighting what nature has dealt, with respect to variations in weather and growing conditions. I guess this is where the word artisan comes into play. It is basically an understanding of the raw product (being grapes) then nurturing, experimenting and crafting them into a wine that reflects its varietal nature and highlights its sense of place.


At Precious Little...

We use a combination of great care, patience and minimal winemaking intervention to craft distinctive wines with interest, personality and soul. If the thought of immersing your taste buds with some small batch wine intrigues you, then please click below to buy our wine.

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